Releasing an original junior fiction series: Riz Chester

I have been a publisher for 12 years and before that I desperately wanted to write my own stories. It was a passion, but I got caught up in the business of publishing – which if I am honest I was better at!!!

After spending some time really understanding the industry and learning the craft I finally was ready to write again. I came up with Riz Chester as a character more then four years ago, but except for the knowledge that the story would involve forensics, friendships, mystery and an uncanny observation skill I didn’t really have a plan.

Taking the leap to finish writing Riz’s first book and then finding the most perfect illustrator for Riz I was finally ready to get Riz to print!

So if you want to read something for a bit of fun, with your 8-10 year older reader (or a bit older/younger depending on who you are!) please check it out and I would love your feedback!!!!

Out May 2023! Available from your favourite bookstore or as an ebook if you prefer!

Riz Chester: The Counterfeit Bust