I use the writing name R. A. Stephens. I run publishing house Wombat Books and Rhiza Edge, but I also write and edit individually both for my own company and for other publishers.

I have long written stories and worked in editing, but only in recent years have I published my own work.

I have written a large range of textbooks for Pearson Education and worked with Cambridge University Press on a range of science textbooks for high school students.

I am primarily interested in writing work that mixes science and maths with children’s fiction, but I love all work aimed at young people.

R. A. Stephens is a teacher by day, writer, editor and publisher by night. She is passionate about the written word, what stories can do to take a reader to a new world and open our eyes to love, compassion, the bigger picture and much more. When not working, teaching or writing, she enjoys living in the country and spending time with her kids and cats.